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THE ROLE            

Align branch culture with The Driving Force Group of Companies (TDFG) overall philosophy, vision, values, and strategic plans. Focus on developing and engaging right fit employees, attracting and building relationships with right fit customers, and creating results that increase profitability. Promote continuous business growth through the Rentals, Sales and Lease services architecture.       


Health & Safety

  • Read, understand and comply with TDFG safety policies, safe work practices and procedures and rules as well as any OHS legislation as it applies to their work.
  • Actively participate in and promote the companys safety program.
  • Ensure branch employees are aware of and abiding by their responsibilities under applicable OHS legislation.
  • Training compliance above 98% (All training, especially H&S onboarding & review of Hazard Assessments) 
  • 85% of corrective actions from investigations and inspections closed within the allotted time. 
  • 1 Planned inspection and 1 safety meetings completed monthly and submitted on time
  • All other safety responsibilities and duties as specified by the companys safety program and OHS legislation.

Team Engagement, Development & Satisfaction

  • Planning and maintaining appropriate staff levels which includes onboarding and off-boarding, in accordance with Human Resources, and choosing the team that delivers the best results for the branch
  • Supervising, leading, training and mentoring branch employees on agreed company culture, brand messaging and policies
  • Ensuring that department employees are sufficiently orientated and trained in their branch roles upon hire and as required going forward
  • Ensuring regular performance reviews of branch employees are conducted as per company performance management program
  • Planning and facilitating regular meetings to communicate process improvements, cultural messaging, and other important company information to branch employees
  • Engaging in succession planning with Regional Managers, Learning, and Human Resources
  • Ensuring adequate time and other resources are budgeted for the training, growth and development of branch employees and managers
  • Ensuring employees are scheduled so that there is adequate work coverage and efficient use of Branch resources
  • Approving branch employee travel and ensuring all payroll related items and employee expense reports are processed and approved in a timely manner

Customers & Community Relations

  • Promoting the companys service culture vision by supporting training and accountability initiatives with employees and vendors, celebrating team success and mitigating customer complaints
  • Ensuring that top 5 to 30 Rentals, Sales and Leasing customers (LOB and numbers of customers depends on location) are engaged by the branch on a monthly basis.
  • Able to explain the circumstances that lead to delinquent accounts and work with Credit to resolve overdue accounts within expected timelines.
  • Actively work with the customers and Credit department to get pre-approved credit lines.
  • Cultivating business contacts, leads, and potential employee candidates by attending networking events in the community and by installing a branch business development consultant where applicable by branch size.
  • Coordinating all branch marketing activities with the Marketing department
  • Monitoring and managing the online rankings as well as mitigating customer complaints
  • Allocating sufficient staffing and resources to community investment initiatives in collaboration with companys Communications and Marketing directives
  • Participating in the completion of tenders and requests for proposals as required

Vendor Management

  • Maintaining dealership vendor relations to ensure the ongoing supply of vehicles and warranty assistance
  • Align branch to national procurement initiatives and preferred vendors, in compliance with the companys Vendor Partnership Program
  • Ensuring yearly reviews of locations critical vendors are conducted to adequately qualify that these business are licensed (where applicable), are in good standing with WCB and sufficiently insured to do business with TDFG

Financial and Business Oversight

  • Full accountability for reviewing, analyzing, understanding, and explaining all financial results and department KPIs for the branch
  • Ensuring that there is a dedicated focus to build the capability of the branch across Rentals, Sales and Leasing
  • Producing an annual business plan and budget in alignment with the companys strategic and operational objectives
  • Communicating and updating targets (on at least a monthly basis) to department managers and to other key positions within the branch
  • Aligning with corporate services departments on approved company policies, processes and budgetary oversight
  • Actively monitoring and managing key performance indicators for Rentals, Sales and Leasing (as applicable)
  • Authorizing marketing campaigns and tickets for all branch departments
  • Participating and engage in monthly inter-branch and inter-divisional meetings

Facility and Asset Management

  • Managing the complete life cycle of vehicles assigned to the branch
    • Procuring vehicles in compliance with company purchasing policies
    • Adjusting branch fleet plan to meet changing conditions as directed by operational leadership
    • Managing mechanical service and repairs in accordance with company Maintenance and Reconditioning policies
    • Authorizing and managing disposal of the branch fleet in coordination with the Wholesale department
  • Ensuring that branch housekeeping and repairs are attended to regularly
  • Ensuring that branch physical inspections (hoists, elevators, fire extinguishers, roofs, sidewalks, business license, and dealer license) are conducted according to legislated requirements or on a seasonal basis


  • Bachelor degree in Business, Management, Marketing or related area preferred
  • Minimum 5 years experience in management role if hired from outside the company
  • Minimum 5 years experience within the automotive industry or similar
  • Must have an active Sales License, where applicable
  • Experience with Finance and Insurance, Leasing, Sales or Rentals Operations
  • Must have knowledge and/or experience with financial statements and developing budgets
  • Knowledge and affiliations with local business would be an asset
  • Valid Drivers License and Drivers Abstract acceptable to TDF Groups Driver and Vehicle Safety Program (in order to drive company vehicles)
  • Due to fiduciary responsibility, pre-hire Criminal Security Clearance and Credit Check is required
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent leadership skills with the passion to coach and mentor a successful team
  • Problem solving and negotiation skills


  • Rental Manager
  • Fleet Maintenance Manager/Coordinator
  • Lease Manager
  • Financial Services Manager
  • Regional Business Development Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Receptionist (where applicable)
  • Administrative Assistant (where applicable)


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