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Chief Revenue Officer

Position Summary

Our client, a manufacture of Ag. Tech Equipment is looking for a Chief Revenue Officer to lead the sales, marketing and customer success teams to drive revenue growth.  This position is accountable for revenue, profitability and the brand and company offerings as well as to work closely with product management and the development team to expand our product and service offering.  The position is also responsible to provide executive leadership in the development and implementation of the strategic plan, particularly around opportunities relating to growth in recurring revenue.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Lead sales/account management (SAM) marketing and customer success team, to drive revenue and profitability. Responsible to P&L functions.

  • Work with senior management and accounting staff to establish annual budgets and revenue targets, then manage the P&L.
  • Develop and manage all sales goals and metrics across the SAM team, including the preparation of sales quotas, budgets, reporting. Integrate and align sales strategies with available talent, processes, IT systems and other areas to increase SAM force capability and success.
  • Develop and implement distribution strategies and reselling agreements, as well as a to develop/implement a channel management program.
  • Maximize relationships with key retail and wholesale partners. Implement strategic planning including corporate positioning marketing and competitive analysis, customer segment election and penetration plans, and related product positioning.
  • Define and direct marketing programs for demand creation, lead generation.
  • Oversee product marketing including product launch management, sales training presentations, sales tools competitive analysis and general sales support.

Develop and implement revenue generation programs that scale to worldwide markets.

  • Develop annuity-based business/sales models and distribution/licensing agreements.
  • Grow recurring revenue, such as through a HAAS (Hardware as a Service) program.
  • Scale out the Channel Management program, including a biz/channel-dev hire.
  • Business development relating to revenue generation opportunities, such as “verticals” to leverage new cloud-based technology.

Strategic planning and the Executive.

  • Owning revenue, work closely with the CEO and balance of executive to develop and implement growth strategies, and manage change.
  • Sitting at the executive table, actively participate in the management and direction of the organization.
  • Re-evaluate go-to-market strategies, such as channel vs direct, distributed/licensing models, and product segmentation strategies to grow revenue, stability, and valuation.

Be the voice of the company and lead communication strategies.

  • Responsible for and implementation of corporate, internal and external customer communication strategies.
  • Leadership around consistent and positive messaging for internal and external customers/partners and ag industry leaders.
  • Act as spokesperson for the company with media and analysts at industry events.


  • Preference for an MBA.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in business administration.
  • Experience in working with a channel sales and recurring revenue growth.
  • 10+ years of Sales & Marketing experience.
  • Previous International Sales Experience is an asset.
  • Previous experience and extensive knowledge of the Ag-tech space is required.
  • Preference given to those with experience in developing SaaS-based annuity and/or distributed sales models.
  • Strong working experience in CRM, PRM, CPQ and ERP.
  • Proven sales team and marketing team leadership.
  • Entrepreneurial thinker – ability to take the initiative and a change manager, be a creative thinker, with longer-range vision.


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