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Director Call Centre Operations Edmonton, Alberta


Our client, Servus Credit Union, is looking for an experienced and professional Director of Call Centre Operations.

The Director of Call Centre Operations commits to transforming Servus into a fast-moving performance culture achieving market leading growth by being very easy to do business with.  Consuming and sourcing data to implement modernizations and future proof Servus’s Call Centre operations is critical to the success of the role.

This position is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Servus’ contact centre operations, whether member or employee focused, and successfully leading the multi-channel contact centre. This position will be responsible, and accountable for, the success of prospects, members, and employees service-related needs and will achieve this by implementing and overseeing consistencies in people, process and system management, while improving member and employee experience, process efficiency and productivity.

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the role is accountable for the development, evaluation, analysis, and on-going improvements of current member and employee call centre departments (Member Contact Centre, Employee Financial Services, Service Desk, System Operations Support and Mobile Support), and the development and implementation of future employee and member service focused call centre support departments. 

The Director Call Centre Operations has a passion for leading people and must empower a team to ensure prospects, members and employees are successful and delighted. Led by a data-driven industry expert with a bias towards action, this position will contribute to Servus’s profitable growth by ensuring that world-class business processes and best in industry digital self-serve solutions are aligned to Servus’s noble purpose, values and behaviours. The Director Call Centre Operations is passionate about developing people and creating a work environment where employees are inspired to learn, grow and build their careers.


Servus Credit Union is a member-owned, community-based financial institution based in Edmonton, Alberta, and one of the largest credit unions in Canada.

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Contact Centre Operations

  • Align contact centre objectives with organizational goals and lead the implementation of strategic initiatives, including the formation of a unified contact centre operation.
  • Identify and quantify areas for improvement in the contact centre.
  • Collaborate of building digital self-serve solution, for low value/high friction experiences, for call prevention.
  • Align projects and strategies with corporate objectives and oversee execution of the work using well-established project management and continuous improvement methodologies.
  • Develop, implement, and oversee world-class processes related to workforce management, quality management, performance management and employee development.
  • Develop data-driven best in industry call routing schemas that maximize prospects, members and employees experience and productivity.
  • Develop and implement KPIs to monitor contact centre performance, member and employee experience and employee engagement.
  • Maximize the call centre’s ROI and articulate benefits clearly to all levels.
  • Work with technical team to continually improve use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) platforms.

Sales and Service

  • Monitor and ensure that member experience and sales best practices are being implemented and adhered to, resulting in financial goals being achieved or exceeded.
  • Explore, investigate, and recommend new opportunities to generate growth and increase other income.

Employee Experience

  • Maintain a high level of employee engagement through effective communication and mentorship, related to activities that generate sales growth and increase other income, by promoting the desired member experience.
  • Support, motivate and lead staff to ensure exceptional service is provided to prospects, members, and employees, and that the needs of the organization and the individuals are met.
  • Recognize the sales, service and business development efforts of employees or specific areas/departments.
  • Create an environment that supports and rewards accountability and development of all employees in your organization.

People and Development

  • Work as a people leader, coach, mentor, and play an active role in the development of goals, objectives, and focus areas for team members.
  • Develop an agile workforce that can quickly respond to changing business needs.
  • Create a work environment that inspires employees and provides an attractive career path with growth opportunities.
  • Support team activities to foster an environment of collaboration and success both locally and nationally.
  • Connect across the Servus network to share experiences and apply overarching ideas to create a unity with fellow operational leaders, employees, and members.
  • Builds and actively maintains professional, respectful, healthy and caring relationships and networks that support collaboration in achieving Servus’ goals, with a focus on interpersonal savvy, collaboration and valuing differences.
  • Manages, leads, embraces, and enables the process of change and transition while helping self and others move confidently through uncertainty, ambiguity and transition, with a focus on being resilient, managing ambiguity, nimble learning and being situationally adaptable.
  • Actively listens to others and communicates in an effective manner that fosters open communication, with a focus on written and verbal communication, active listening and presentation skills.
  • Prevents, manages and/or resolves conflict with a focus on courage and persuasion.
  • Questions conventional approaches, explores alternatives and responds to challenges with creative solutions or services using intuition and experimentation, with a focus on perspective, technical savvy, and innovation.
  • Fosters the development of self and others by enhancing performance and professional growth, believing in the power of individuals to inspire exceptional performance, with a focus on self-awareness, self-development, taking action and developing talent.
  • Leads self and supports others to achieve results, with a focus on directing work, ensuring accountability, and driving results that support Servus’ vision while empowering others, attracting talent and building effective teams.
  • Identifies and responds to current and future member needs and provides service excellence to internal and external members, with a focus on instilling trust and having business insight.
  • Identifies, understands, creates options and/or resolves challenges and makes decisions involving various levels of stakeholders, with a focus on decision quality, financial acumen and managing complexity while balancing stakeholder needs.
  • Anticipates, supports and promotes strategic alignment and focus on Servus’ vision, developing and inspiring commitment to a vision of success for today and the future, with a focus on with a focus on resourcefulness, planning, work process optimization and organizational savvy.


  • Ten to fifteen years’ of demonstrated progressively senior contact centre experience with a minimum of 5 years at manager level or above. Including call routing design, AI, and experience developing SOPs.
  • University Degree or Business Diploma in Administration/Commerce (or complimentary experience).
  • Excellent verbal, non-verbal and written communication, research, analysis, business writing and presentation skills.
  • Extensive Sales and Sales Management experience.
  • Demonstrated capacity to lead and motivate various teams to successfully achieve results largely through impact and influence.
  • Experience working with Genesys Cloud or similar CCaaS solution is an asset.



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