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Economic Development Manager Chestermere, Alberta


We have an excellent opportunity for an Economic Development Manager to join the City of Chestermere, AB. This is a progressive municipality that is growing and transforming rapidly and prides itself on innovation and continual improvement. Reporting to the Strategic Advisory Group, the Economic Development Manager will be responsible for providing vision, strategic leadership, and functional management of the economic development function in support of the municipality’s overall operations and development, but also facilitating the establishment of new businesses in Chestermere, attracting new investment to the City, assist and support in the development of the City-owned industrial lands and supporting of local businesses.


The City of Chestermere is located east of Calgary in the province of Alberta, within Rocky View County. With a population of approximately 20,732, and its large park and entertainment zone which includes a golf club, a large recreation center, and facilities for boating, Chestermere provides an inviting lifestyle in a beautiful setting that has made the City of Chestermere a welcoming and growing place in which to live, work and play.

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People Leadership

The Economic Development Manger builds cohesive interdependent teams that work to achieve their respective departmental objectives and, in collaboration with other departments, the overall vision of the City of Chestermere within the context of the Strategic Initiatives contained within the rolling 3-year Strategic Plan.

  • Provide advice and counsel to staff within the Strategic Advisory Group, ensuring that staff are given appropriate latitude for creativity within the bounds of accountability.
  • Support the building of cohesive teams, e.g., provide opportunities so that team members know of and value each other’s expertise and skills, foster an environment where staff assume responsibility for each other’s professional development and growth, provide opportunities for staff to work across programs to optimize the use of resources and achieve results, encourage a passion for their work and a sense of team.
  • Represent the Strategic Advisory Group, and act as a model the desired values, attitudes, skills, and behaviors that contribute to a safe, ethical work environment and healthy team functioning, often in the role of a champion of change.

Strategic Advisory Group

The Strategic Advisory Group represents the values and beliefs of the City of Chestermere, both internally and externally, and networks effectively with stakeholders, the community, other professionals, and service providers. Corporate Services team members build leaders throughout the organization and the community.

  • Demonstrate the City values of Collaboration, Integrity, Professionalism, and Accountability.
  • Represent Economic Development and the greater good of the City by providing input into the development and implementation of the Strategic Advisory Group, priorities regarding trends and concerns affecting current and potential business owners, gaps in service and infrastructure, and opportunities for new services and partnerships.
  • Responsible for using confidential information appropriately and maintaining the confidentiality and security of all information related to the City.

Financial and administrative

The Economic Development Manager is responsible for monitoring and reporting the financial and operational activities of their department aligned to their Business Plan, and for exploring potential partnerships, efficiencies and funding sources that might serve to enhance the services offered by the municipality.

  • Manage the identification and development of mitigation plans regarding potential financial, operational, safety and environmental risks, ensure that policies and procedures are adhered to within own area of responsibility.
  • Manage the development, monitoring and reporting of budgets and participate in the annual Strategic Advisory Group, budget process, e.g., ensure that all expenditures are tracked, all activities are within operational budgets, ensure any potential budget difficulties are communicated to the Mayor, and corrected in a timely manner.
  • Participate in the exploration of forward – thinking partnership and funding opportunities, cost and operating efficiencies.

Economic Development Manager accountabilities

  • Provide strategic, technical, management, municipal and business expertise and advice in the conceptualization, development, implementation, monitoring, and continuous improvement of:
    • Facilitating the establishment of businesses in Chestermere, e.g., promote the growth of jobs, business and development; conduct social and economic surveys to assess development potential and trends; assess business opportunities and develop strategies to attract venture capital; develop social and economic profiles to encourage commercial investment.
    • Attracting new investment to Chestermere, e.g., actively engage in networking opportunities such as conferences and trade shows to generate leads; follow up on potential investment leads; ensure that the City investment website is current and attractive to investors; actively market Chestermere within the region;
    • Assist and support in the development of the City-owned industrial lands. e.g., assist the Engineering team by providing strategic, technical, management and business expertise and support in the development of the industrial lands as identified in the Municipal Development Plan, and lead the business attraction to the City-owned industrial land.
    • Support of local businesses, e.g., retention, expansion, investments; research and/or conduct workshops/webinars; develop/maintain a business directory; provide advice on planning and starting a business; collect and publish relevant demographic information; meet with Council to promote economic development initiatives.
  • Manage the assessment of the current and future needs of the City and surrounding community, gathering input and feedback, utilizing evaluation tools, analyzing and reporting statistical and evaluative data for overall planning and development purposes.
  • Network and facilitate partnerships with local, regional, provincial, and federal subject matter experts and service providers, e.g., peers in other municipalities, consultants, interest groups, maintain an awareness of best practices and opportunities.
  • Represent the Strategic Advisory Group, internally as a subject matter expert and champion of capacity building and excellence in economic development, e.g., undertake studies and provide recommendations to the Mayor and/or Council regarding the feasibility of projects, services, and programs.
  • Represent the City on a variety of professional associations and organizations, e.g., Chestermere Chamber of Commerce, Calgary Regional Partnership, foster good relationships with Rocky View County, the City of Calgary and neighboring municipalities.
  • Participate in sensitive negotiations, contracts and intergovernmental agreements with service providers and partners.


  • University degree in Business, Marketing, Economics, Community Economic Development, or a related discipline.
  • 8 years of related and progressive managerial experience including financial and budgetary experience.
  • Previous experience in a municipal environment is an asset.
  • Clear Criminal Record Check deemed satisfactory by the City.
  • Valid Class 5 Alberta Driver’s License and a Driver’s Abstract deemed satisfactory by the City.
  • Maintain valid Standard First Aid CPR C and AED certifications.
  • Certification in Economic Development, e.g., Ec.D or CEcD is considered an asset.


  • Strategic, analytical, and creative thinking skills as a member of the Corporate Services team, e.g., analytical skills with the ability to solve problems, make decisions, negotiate, and deal effectively with people in difficult situations.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of governance issues, e.g., policy development.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to communicate effectively in written and oral form, e.g., maintain ongoing communication to anticipate and prevent potential problems, develop, and maintain positive and effective working relationships with Council, staff, the public and other stakeholders.
  • Proven leadership and management capability, e.g., ability to motivate staff towards constant improvement and encourage staff to make recommendations, coaching, mentoring, performance management and development.
  • Skilled advocate, balancing the needs of business owners with the needs of the City.
  • Business acumen, including budget management skills, grant or contract management skills and the ability to make effective decisions that are well-informed and that reflect the input gathered from stakeholders.
  • Strong work ethic and highly motivated, e.g., ability to work in a fast-paced environment and respond to action requests and competing deadlines in a timely matter.
  • Proficiency with MS Office, e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Working knowledge of best practice managerial methods, techniques, and practices.


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