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Senior Manager of Marketing Edmonton, AB


Our client, a national automotive rental solutions company, is seeking a Senior Manager of Marketing to join their team in Edmonton. This role will development, implement and track performance of the company’s integrated communications and marketing strategy based on organizational objectives, economic indicators, sales trends, current and future customer needs and competitor activities.

Acts as the primary media contact and spokesperson for the company, particularly during emergencies and other incidents that draw attention from news agencies. Heads the communications function within the Emergency Response team. Acts as a liaison between the Marketing department and the rest of the company.



Health & Safety

  • Read, understand and comply with our clients safety policies, safe work practices and procedures and rules as well as any OHS legislation as it applies to their work
  • Actively participate in the companys safety program
  • Ensure employees under their management are aware of and abiding by their rights and duties under applicable OHS legislation
  • All other safety responsibilities and duties as determined by the companys safety program and OHS legislation


Customer Relations and Support

  • Creating customer engagement by ensuring timely responses for customer communications on social media and other communication channels. Initiating conversations and ongoing relationships with our customers through a variety of media channels
  • Assisting Operational Managers and VPs with their marketing initiatives and budgets
  • Providing an efficient and timely process for submitting and responding to regional advertising and promotional requests
  • Ensuring Corporate Managers are supported in their internal communication and promotional needs by providing an efficient and timely process for submitting and responding to their applicable requests


  • Creating a company brand manual. Continually evaluating and adjusting company brands based on customer and employee feedback from all organizational touch points
  • Ensuring that our clients brands are communicated clearly and all employees, vendors, contractors, etc. are trained and coached on the proper use of the brand


Business Development and Sales Support

  • Identifying and evaluating the customer base for each division and line of business. Determining shared
  • Recommending advertising and branding strategies for the companys transportation solutions based on relevant data and organizational objectives
  • Monitoring sales and marketing plans to determine if they are successful at increasing leads and driving greater customer engagement and commitment
  • Identifying relevant competitors and determining our clients relative strengths and opportunities for improvement


Advertising and Promotion

  • Evaluating potential advertising and promotional opportunities and recommending programs that continually improve the organizations reach and effectiveness in the most cost-effective way possible
  • Ensuring all company marketing and advertisements reflect brand image. Advising and coaching managers on regulations and fair practices related to the companys advertising and marketing practices
  • Reviewing, approving and prioritizing trade shows according to the organizations marketing objectives. Providing booths, brochures and promotional items in a timely way to business development teams participating at these events. Attending trade show events where a corporate presence is required or desired


Community Engagement

  • Working with the Executive team to develop and maintain a Social Responsibility program for the organization
  • Recommending charities, celebrities, sports organizations and causes for the organization to support based on employee and customer interest and concern
  • Ensuring that requests from external organizations are evaluated and prioritized in terms of the organizations recognized charities and causes


Emergency Response and Public Relations

  • Acting as primary communications contact for the company with media outlets or external agencies requesting statements or information on the company. Remaining calm and adhering to written scripts and other applicable communication protocols in dealing with media
  • Discerning when corporate representatives require registration with government departments for lobbying and communication purposes and ensuring they are registered

Administration and Planning

  • Promoting SYNC as a customer communication repository and data mining source
  • Ensuring that the Marketing team is trained and available to respond to website inquiries and social media comments rapidly and appropriately in accordance with the companys brand objectives
  • Evaluating and ensuring that the right people are in the right seats in terms of meeting the departments objectives and budget. Providing ongoing direction and education to the internal marketing department
  • Creating and tracking an overall Communications and Marketing budget
  • Prioritizing incoming requests from internal and external sources based on deadlines and required resources
  • Communicating expected delivery dates and requesting any follow up information needed in a timely fashion. 



  • Bachelors degree in Marketing, Communications, Business or equivalent
  • 10+ years experience within marketing, advertising, or brand management
  • Understanding of marketing trends and multimedia platforms
  • Competency in creating internal and external marketing and communication plans
  • Advanced public speaking and writing skills
  • Strong budgeting, Internet, and computer skills
  • Either has or is willing and able to create an extensive network of contacts in business, government and industry
  • Maintains association and community memberships as pertinent to the role



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